The Worst Witch and The Wishing Star

Author :
Murphy, Jill
Publisher :
Category :
Age Group :
7+ Year
Pages :

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A comic catalog bursting with laugh-out-loud smartphone apps Too busy to know when you need to go to the toilet? Download iGopoo. Keen to know how that girl you're chatting up at the bar is going to look in five pints time? Try Booze View. Fresh out of clean underwear? Sniff Tester will tell you which pants are OK for one more day. Smartphones have taken over our lives, with simple tasks now outsourced to apps that tell users what to do, where to do it, how much to spend on it, and how to clean up afterwards. This collection of eyebrow-raising, sometimes stomach-turning apps is easy to navigate and bookmark—all you need are hands and a bookmark. It utilizes the very latest in analogue page-tilt technology—simply rotate the book and read the pages with your eyes. You've heard of apps, these are crapps—and this book is full of it.

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