Reading bells is the new age library for young readers. Launched by Mrs. Shubhada Shah with the vision to provide easy access to high quality reading material to all young book lovers.

As the mother of a young reader herself, she constantly faced the challenge of getting new & relevant content for her child at an affordable price point and realised that this was a very crucial pain point for most parents that needed a good solution. Taking inspiration from her child who is an avid reader, Shubhada, decided to utilize the skills she learnt through her Postgraduate in Business Entrepreneurship from EDI Ahmedabad & MBA in Digital Marketing from MICA to solve the issue for all young book lovers once & for all.

In today’s world of speed, internet, television and malls, the habit of reading has taken a hit. 

We understand that today's day & age doesn't always allow parents to accompany their children to a library & the entire process of physically going to the library, getting a book & then returning it is very cumbersome & needs an upgrade. At Reading Bells, we believe these issues cannot be allowed to come in the way of learning for our children & the best way to solve this issue is by taking the library to our children.

At Reading Bells, we offer a vast collection of books, doorstep delivery and pickup services with pocket friendly plans suited to all readers. We believe it is important to keep kids away from social media addiction and give them an opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of reading & learning. If kids get an ocean of knowledge to choose from, we are sure, they will never waste their time on devices like Mobile/I pads and learn to love reading which is our true endeavor.